Troubador Where Do Ice Cream Men Go In The Winter?

Released: 26/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788035620

Format: Paperback

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Where Do Ice Cream Men Go In The Winter?


A wonderful illustrated picture book about the adventures of an unlikely hero!

Benjamin Butterworth is everyone’s favourite ice cream man. But when one little boy asks exactly how he makes his ice cream so tasty, so yummy, so oh-so-scrummy, Mr Butterworth tells him it’s a big secret and one that he just can’t share. The problem is, his ice cream is so delightfully delicious, that after a busy summer, Mr Butterworth has almost run out.

So as winter approaches, Benjamin Butterworth packs his bags and embarks on a long adventure to the coldest place on Earth. With his faithful dog at his side, the intrepid ice cream man endures terrible sea storms, battles a giant octopus, climbs an enormous ice mountain and comes face-to-face with a scary snow monster, until at last, he finds what he’s looking for: Mount Ice Cream. 

Brought to life by distinctive, hand-drawn illustrations, vividly rendered in watercolour and ink, Where Do Ice Cream Men Go In The Winter? is the story of an ordinary man on an extraordinary journey. Benjamin Butterworth doesn’t look like your average hero, yet this humble, unassuming ice cream man goes to remarkable lengths for his tasty treat and in so doing, proves there’s more to him than meets the eye. Combining quirky adventure with a charming aesthetic, this intrepid voyage will capture the imagination again and again; after all, what child wouldn’t want to be whisked away to the land of ice cream?

Very much looking forward to my reading at The Curve Library in Slough on Sat 7th April at 11:30!

I'll be doing more readings at libraries in Britwell, Langley and Cippenham in late May.

I'm very pleased to be featured in this month's Reflections Magazine. Thanks for the shout out!

I'm very happy to announce that Where Do Ice Cream Men Go In The Winter? is now available to buy at one of the world's best bookshops: Scarthin Books in Cromford!

I had a great time reading the book at Walton Oak Primary School. And it was wonderful to meet so many people and sign some copies at the Christmas fair. Thanks so much to all involved!

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Duncan Groves

Originally from Derbyshire but now living in Berkshire, I’m a graduate of the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and currently work in the children’s television industry.

With a long standing love of storytelling and a background in illustration, I was looking for a means of combining these two interests creatively when I wrote and illustrated my first children’s picture book: Where Do Ice Cream Men Go In The Winter?

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