Troubador Toby Meets The Queen

Released: 01/11/2011

ISBN: 9781848767270

Format: Hardback

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Toby Meets The Queen


This is the first in the Toby the?Taxi series, which follows the adventures of a London taxi and his owner, Mr.?Phillips. Toby encounters many unusual situations, as London taxi drivers often do, but despite difficult circumstances, everything turns out well in the end. The series is educational and informative for children, introducing the geography and history of one of the world’s great capitals.

In Toby Meets the Queen, we see Toby take a visit to Buckingham Palace with guests to a garden party.?He desperately looks for a glimpse of the Queen – to no avail. However, his disappointment is forgotten when a curious encounter occurs later that day...

Toby meets the Queen is beautifully illustrated, bringing the scenes in the book to life whilst enhancing the delightful characters in the series. It will appeal to children aged 4 and up. Author Edwin has been inspired by his life experience; he has been a London cabbie since 1963 and has the cabbie's vast knowledge of London - plus plenty of stories to tell! “I felt these should be shared with children everywhere - they can be enjoyed by all children, even those who may not visit London.”

Toby meets the Queen is about Toby taking a passenger to Buckingham Palace and all the fun and excitement that is about to befall Toby.
It is beautifully illustrated by Paul Dilworth and the next two in the series
are about Toby in London and Toby goes to Work.
Those will be followed by Toby's Seaside Outing .

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Edwin Vaux

The author is still a London taxi driver although he only works part-time as he is in retirement. Next time you ride in a taxi in London be sure to look out for a Toby the Taxi sign in the taxi because it may be Edwin Vaux driving you .

Edwin was inspired to write the stories by his life experience, having been a cab driver since 1963.

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