Troubador Timbi’s Dream

Released: 26/01/2016

eISBN: 9781785895289

Format: eBook

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Timbi’s Dream


This is an adventure in rhyme, which aims to inspire young minds. Follow Timbi as he travels across a sequence of dreams, brought on by the effect of a strange jar of sun cream his grandmother left behind on her last visit. It has a very strange effect on Timbi that night – when he goes to sleep, he finds he can fly.

When he tries to tell his family about his adventures, no one will believe him. What can Timbi do to convince his brothers?

This story is told in simple rhyme form, which makes it interesting for young children and can help to aid learning and reasoning skills There’s also a twist at the end of the story to fire their imaginations still further!

I have read Timbi's book with great interest as I have many of my friend's children pointing to the great colorful pictures. The book is funny and it is written with great imagination. Also it shows how children like to see things beyong their own reality ( a world of phantasy and happiness).

by Julia Diaz

5* - This was a super fun, cute fantasy story set in rhyme featuring Timbi and his siblings, who go on a wild nighttime adventure together. The pictures were colorful and would do much to boost the imagination of any child, (or adult :)) reading the book. Fun to read.

by Kathy Marks

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