Troubador Tilly the Tadpole

Released: 01/05/2012

ISBN: 9781780881300

Format: Paperback

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Tilly the Tadpole


Tilly the tadpole is a sympathetic character – a youngster frustrated by the restrictions of youth and keen to explore further afield. As Tilly grows into a frog, a wider world becomes accessible, but the pond remains home. Told in rhyming couplets, Katie Brent’s wonderful realisation of Tilly at each stage of development will enable young readers to identify with our hero and understand both the tug of exploration and the security of home.

The appeal is in the impact of the illustrations, the identification with Tilly, and the simplicity of the story allied to the familiarity of Tilly’s aspirations and experiences.

A charming children’s picture book, Tilly the Tadpole is suitable for children aged 2 to 6 years old. Writer Tony, who is Katie’s uncle, is inspired by Roger McGough and Brian Patten’s poems.

“The book started out simply as a poem for children but the reaction from a variety of readers was so positive that the idea of making it into a book was formed,” says Tony of his motivation to write Tilly the Tadpole.

Katie and Tony have admired each others work for years, with Katie providing cover illustrations for Tony's poetry collections, 'From Cradle to Grave' and Bull Run' but this is their first full collaboration - and probably not their last... To see more of Katie's art see her website - For Tony's plays and poetry see the link below.

Western Daily Press, July 2012

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Tony Earnshaw and Katie Brent

Tony Earnshaw is an award winning playwright and a poet with three collections of poetry to his credit. His plays have been staged in London, the South East, Edinburgh and New York. Inspired by the arrival of grandchildren he has started to write for children as well as adults and is thrilled to be working with such a talented artist as Katie Brent.

Since moving to the beautiful Dorset coast eight years ago with her family Katie Brenthas produced many artworks for a London based art consultancy as well as holding her first solo exhibition in Bridport last year. Katie has also had a number of private commissions working mainly in fast drying oils. She has taught art at the local secondary school and is currently teaching art full time at the secondary school in Beaminster.

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