Troubador Thinking Outside the Box

Released: 28/06/2017

ISBN: 9781788033084

Format: Paperback

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Thinking Outside the Box


In Valerie Nourse’s debut children’s book, Thinking Outside the Box, children will enjoy an exciting story of friendship, discovery and treading new paths. The book follows Bronze, Bilver and Bold, three incredibly special goldfish, each with their own special talent. Bilver is brilliantly clever and resourceful and is always thinking up cunning plans; Bronze is super strong, but a bit of a coward; Bold is brave and adventurous, but doesn’t have his brother’s strength. One day, Bilver begins to wonder about the world that she can see from her fish tank. She wants to meet the animals outside and reach the beautiful pool in the garden. She rounds up her brothers and persuades them that there is an exciting world to explore outside the confines of the tank. The three fish make a great team; Bilver thinks up the ideas and Bold and Bronze test the waters. As their adventures lead them further afield, they discover more about the outside world and become more determined to escape the tank, even when the plans become dangerous... Inspired by the work of A. A. Milne and Philip Pullman, Thinking Outside the Box is a beautifully illustrated, unique story about friendship and discovery. The book will appeal to young readers that like animal stories, as well as those that enjoy exciting adventure stories.

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