Troubador The Tale of the Naughty Fox

Released: 28/04/2014

ISBN: 9781783063420

Format: Hardback

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The Tale of the Naughty Fox


The Tale of the Naughty Fox is the first in Julian Kay’s ‘Tommy, Teddy and Parakeet’ series of children’s books. Written with a moral message, the story of the three main characters and the friends that they make encourages children to learn about the world and enrich their understanding of it. In this tale we meet a young boy called Tommy. He lives in a house on a green hill, with a stream and a little wooden bridge at the bottom. Together with his teddy bear and pet parakeet, he decides to grow a wood around their house. As the seeds grow into beautiful flowers and tall trees, they call their new garden Indigo Wood. They create new animal friends who live with them in the wood and play together, but their friends are warned not to cross the bridge that leads to a big forest where they could get lost. One day, a naughty fox comes to Indigo Wood and tricks the animals into following him across the bridge into the dark, scary forest. They can’t find their way home, and when Tommy, Teddy and Parakeet can’t find their new friends in Indigo Wood, they must do everything they can to rescue them! Beautiful colour photography illustrates this charming story, which is guaranteed to create a spark in the imagination of children everywhere. It is enjoyable for parents to read to children from 2-5 years, and ideal for children 5-7 to read by themselves.

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Tommy, Teddy and Parakeet and The Tale of the Naughty Fox is a delightful, heart warming and colourful story which engages very young children. It was a great touch as well to see that the author Julian Kay had taken the trouble to get reviews from children of the age range 2-5 to review the book; they all of course gave it five stars! I bought four books as they made very good presents for Christmas and birthdays. I am looking forward to seeing the next adventure!

by James Tottle

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