Troubador Farm Adventure

Released: 28/11/2021

ISBN: 9781803130125

Format: Paperback

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Farm Adventure


Farmyard Adventure is another book in the Storycises™ range for pre-school and primary school aged children. The story is designed be acted out by children and adults alike. These ‘action’ stories create fun and interaction from the moment the first page is turned and all the movements are based on the natural stages of child development. They are designed to give children repeated practice with important fundamental movement skills which are vital for learning and independence, in school and for sport, in a way which fires up their imagination and provides both fun and pleasure.

As well as working on important motor skills, the children will be working on other areas of their development - for example, vocabulary, concepts, listening skills, memory, language and early literacy skills. All of these are important for success at school!

The Storycises™ books are written by two experienced paediatric physiotherapists, Wendy and Jane, who have been using the same principles to help thousands of children achieve success in many areas of their lives – from handwriting to ball skills, from sitting on a chair without fidgeting, to increasing confidence to try new activities.

Both seen children’s physical ability change over the past 20 years. They developed Storycises™, initially as a programme for schools, to help children improve motor skills and have now created a series of books so that even more children can benefit from the stories.   

Fun whilst learning has always been at the heart of what Wendy and Jane do as physiotherapists – we hope you enjoy our books!

We are starting our first book - Colours! Eagerly awaiting typsetter's draft.

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Wendy Joy and Jane Reynolds

Wendy and Jane are paediatric physiotherapists who fill their work with fun and laughter. They use stories as a way to deliver physiotherapy programmes to improve children's motor skills. Publishing these story books is a way to get the established Storycises programme for schools into a format that can be enjoyed by parent, caregivers, child and siblings.

Wendy has been a chartered physiotherapist since 1991. She divides her time between clinical work as a specialist childrens physio, Storycises, lecturing around the UK and managing her private paediatric practice. Wendy lives in Dorset with her husband and loves to walk, draw, play the piano and visit local beaches.

Jane has been a chartered physiotherapist since 2003, having been a paramedic with the London Ambulance Service with a parallel career in the Royal Naval Reserve. She works clinically with children of all ages, lectures around the country and spends time promoting sport and inclusion for young people with disability.

Wendy Joy

Jane Reynolds
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