Troubador The Captain’s Favourite Treasure

Released: 28/04/2018

ISBN: 9781789013092

eISBN: 9781789010695

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Captain’s Favourite Treasure


Join Tom on his adventure across the ocean as he searches for the captain’s favourite treasure. Can he find it before Captain Crank leaves him behind on Pirate Island?

 Meet Tom. Tom is a cabin boy on the pirate ship The Puffin and loves it very much. When Captain Cutlass Crank goes ashore on Pirate Island, he tells Tom to look after his favourite treasure, but when he returns, the treasure is missing! The captain is very angry and says that Tom must find his treasure - or stay behind on Pirate Island for good.

Tom asks his parents, his parrot, Giggles, and the crew too, but none know what has happened to the treasure. Determined to find it, Tom takes a boat and rows to lots and lots of strange islands searching for the treasure. Can the fire tigers help him? What about the Jigsaw people or the fish under the waves? Will Tom ever find the treasure?

With lively language, quirky illustrations by Sharon Davey (Creative Fox) and a surprise ending, The Captain’s Favourite Treasure is a picture book that young readers will enjoy time and time again.

My kids and I all loved this book. There was enough going on in the illustrations to hold their attention the whole way through, and we all loved the ending. Great for early readers too.

by Jo Linsdell (via NetGalley)

Adorable children's book! I liked each fantasy island he searched. The illustrations were great. It taught a great lesson about "treasure"

by Allison Dublin

What a lovely book The Captain’s Favourite Treasure by Angela Fish is. Beautiful illustrations throughout the book a must for any child who loves a good pirate story with an adventure to a pirate Island and many more Islands.

A young boy called Tom who is a cabin boy who lived on a Pirate ship called The Puffin with his Mum, dad and his parrot called Giggles. The Captain of this ship is called Captain Crank.
Captain Crank asked Tom to look after his favourite treasure whilst he visits the Pirate Island. Whilst Captain Crank was on the pirate Island his favourite treasure goes missing. Oh no I hear you say.............Tom looks everywhere for it. But still can not find it. What can he do?
Captain Crank is not happy to find that his favourite treasure has gone missing, and informs Tom if he does not find it soon he will have to stay at the Pirate Island. Tom walks away, Packs up some biscuits, rum, water and a map and sets off for the pirate island.
This is where his adventure starts for Tom.................Tom meets Dolphins, Fire tigers, Monkey's, Fish and many more animals. Tom then visits the Rainbow Island then the Christmas Island and many more Islands looking for Captain Cranks favourite treasure. Does Tom find it?

This story was very thoughtful and Tom could be a Boy or girl pirate who is having an adventure looking for treasure and visiting Islands.

The Captain’s Favourite Treasure by Angela Fish is very colourful and I loved it. Great book for any child and would be great for the pre-school going up to the classroom and this will be used for my classes. I can see a project coming out of this story and some role play with my students.

Wonderful Book. Thank you to Netgalley for letting me read it for an honest review. 5 Stars.

by Nessa Thompson

This is a very good title for early readers. The repetition used will help them anticipate words and build confidence in their reading skills. The storyline is fun and each island Tom searches is filled with interesting things to delight. The illustrations are good, and the final discovery of the Captain's Treasure and the things we value provides a good lesson.

by Richelle Zirkle

This is a cute book about searching for treasure. Tom and his family are all pirates and live on the ship with Captain Crank. When the Captain leaves the ship he asks Tom to watch over his greatest Treasure. Tom does not know what it is so can not watch over it. When the Captain returns, he sends Tom off to find his treasure. He goes from island to islands meeting many whimsical characters but does not find the treasure. This is a fun story about hunting for treasure and what treasure really is to each person. The illustrations are colourful and assist the reader in determining the text. This book could be read independently by early readers. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.

by Carla Johnson-Hicks

This is a short young children’s adventure book. The illustrations are bright and colourful and the text large and bold, making it a great book for a child learning to read.

The book follows Tom as he visits numerous different islands looking for the treasure, each one is unique and very different from the next.

There is a great twist in the book too, which added to the enjoyment.

by Stacey Garrity (via NetGalley)

This is a cute story with delightful illustrations. We recommend it! My sons enjoyed the story and anyone enjoying pirate stories will too, but it is a story children will enjoy whether they are a pirate fan or not. It is the adorable story that is a treasure.

by Charity Howard

My five year old son loved this book. You think that it's going to be a typical pirate story, when actually it turns out to be an adventure instead. This was a really good aspect to the book, as there are plenty of standard pirate stories available. The illustrations are clear and inviting, with chunky lines and without looking too computerised. My son particularly liked the different islands visited by the hero of the story, and they provided plenty of opportunities for further questions and discussions. It would be a nice follow on activity to talk about and draw some other islands for Tom to visit.

by Gemma Hall

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