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Released: 06/08/2013

eISBN: 9781783068531

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The Alphabets and Friends


To Robert Fallon, the most important factor of The Alphabets and Friends is to provide a fun and creative way to learn the alphabet, and how to read and write. He has achieved this by creating cartoon alphabet characters which have been drawn in a manner that does not detract from the form of the letters, even with their exciting added features.

For each of the 37 characters in The Alphabets and Friends, Fallon has created an accompanying rhyme. Each one is designed to appeal to the parents, who will inevitably have to read this book to their little ones hundreds of times, as well as the children who will learn from them.

Whether it’s Linda Itsy Bitsy in a daydream, who walks into a lamppost and drops her ice cream, or Nil, who does his sums by counting on his fingers nose and thumbs, children and adults will enjoy every letter of the alphabet and more with this new ebook. They can even progress to the more difficult Roof Tops rhymes, where Tile has a mucky face covered in bird droppings and Ridge is far from pleased.

The Alphabets and Friends will help children to become aware of the sequence of the alphabet letters through a chart, individual characters and rhymes. The book also gives them scope to get creative in other ways, such as drawing.

True stories from generations of a family tree and stories based on fact from experiences and observations of the author. The author was inspired by the life of his grandfather, a story of hardship when you worked or starved, sporting, fame, romance and service to the country and community. As well as the twenty stories the book also contains a few connected poems, photographs and a two character sketch. As the stories unwind, so does the British way of life through a range of government related issues. For decades liberal minded governments with intellectual arrogance have ignored the wishes of the electorate with broken promises and u-turns, a flawed benefits system, and uncontrolled immigration. Politically correct ignorance brought about the breakdown of discipline in homes and schools. Corruption and greed in high places , added fuel to the fire. Facts that led to the riots by the yob and steal society in 2011. These events lead to the end of government as we know it. By the year 2025 the country is governed from a derelict warehouse in Bradford. This book contains most aspects of life, romances, family dramas, matrimonial nightmares, heroism in war and peace ( the good, bad and ugly of national service) and political comedy told with a generous amount of humour and satirical wit.

Goodreads, 21 August

The aim of this E-Book is to teach children English and expand their imagination from pre-school and onwards. The book was produced in a colourful and amusing manner which will encourage responsible family members to play their part in this endeavour. Reading and writing skills taught from an early age and combined with repeated use of electronic gadgets will help to achieve this result.

The author comments on the below review:
"I was not surprised that there was only minor criticism of this book. After literary bureau advice many alterations were made, to please the critical and politically correct society we now live in. For example there were to many Anglo Saxon names, a verse saying mum got no pay was considered to be sexist. The name Willie was not suitable. This review did not mention the education value of this book. Pull a face was a well known saying during my childhood in Scotland and is still used today. A little confusion now and then is part of the learning progress. A critical review that generously rewarded me with two stars to brighten children's future for the price of a greetings card."

Goodreads, 29 August, 14 August

I found The Alphabets and Friends fun to read I don't have grandchildren but I shall do a lot of talking about this e book well done Mr Fallon

by Constance Boxall

Robert Fallon

Born in 1936 into a Scottish working class family, Robert was educated until the age of twelve, having basic learning skills drummed into him by constant repetion and strict discipline. Robert left scotland to live in leicester england at the age of twelve, had his work experience in the building trade, then at seventeen joined the RAF as a regular, then worked in the hosiery business till he retired, his first venture into the arts started with sporting and historical prints made into greetings cards, then he had a board game entitled 'Marry-go-round' patented. As an accomplished award-winning poet Robert started writing childrens books his first being 'The Itsy Bitsy Family' now being combined with his other childrens book 'The Roof Tops' about thirty characters all with humourous verses, is being published as a soft back book, Then came 'The Dream Maker', a fantasy novel for teens and adults written through the immigrant family who the author befriended, next came 'From Virgin Stream, stories in verse from birth to death and beyond. Robert was invited to compose a poem about the Royal Wedding of William and Katie in 2011.

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