Troubador Stories for Young Children

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788037914

Format: Paperback

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Stories for Young Children


Who will be driver? A group of insects decide to make their own bus. Each takes a turn at driving, their individual characteristics causing much discomfort to their passengers. 

Pig and Queen: Dog decides to help Pig visit the queen. As other animals join them, he realises each has its own idea of what the queen looks like. Not wanting a long journey, he tries to persuade them that the queen is an old lady who lives nearby. All except pig believe him but go along with the deception. They all return home satisfied, especially Pig, who believes he really has met the queen.  

Wilkinson and his words: A thoughtful worm becomes fascinated by the long words in a newspaper wrapped around the lettuce he is munching. As he reads them out loud, a cat, dog, ant and bee help him understand what these words mean.  

Flicker the Flea: A young flea goes in search of his brother. Before finding him. He manages to tickle, scratch and irritate a dog, a cat, a mouse and finally a man and woman. 

Finally, the three little pigs well known to us all show us the letters each one wrote in order to get their houses built. We see replies from Straw Man, Stick Man and Brick Man and find out whose house is the safest from Mr. Wolf.

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