Troubador Sid the Madeiran Wall Lizard

Released: 28/06/2018

eISBN: 9781789010473

Format: eBook

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Sid the Madeiran Wall Lizard


Meet Sid. Sid is a little lizard who lives on the beautiful island of Madeira, where the sun shines very hot. Too hot sadly - because poor Sid has a problem with keeping his feet cool.


With the help of his friends Steph and Bert, and a very special, very tiny mouse named Pete - not forgetting the frog friends too! - Sid tries to solve the problem, finally keeping his feet cool in a very unusual way.


The book has layers of lessons beneath the charming story, encouraging young readers to learn about wildlife and their habitat, as well as teaching morals like being kind to others and taking responsibility for your actions. At the same time, children will be drawn to the illustrations, which provide the colour and shape that trigger a child’s imagination, as well as including a little game of spotting Pete the mouse who looks after everyone.


Engaging and entertaining, Sid the Madeiran Wall Lizard is a story young readers aged up to 7 years old will want to pick up time and time again!

A first and successful book signing in Whitchurch Shropshire
A second book signing booked at Festival Drayton Centre Market Drayton 10.30am Saturday
28th July.

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Heather Heath Gorton

I am a trained Holistic Therapist where I apply my skills as a special needs teaching assistant. I previously trained as a nursery nurse working in San Francisco coming home to open my own child minding business. I have always had a love of animals which has inspired me to write this little story.

Heather Heath Gorton

Book signing in Whitchurch
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