Troubador Role Over Rhymes

Released: 28/03/2022

ISBN: 9781803130828

Format: Paperback

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Role Over Rhymes


Yeh-Shen (Cinders) wants to dance on a TV show. Sleeping Beauty refuses to wake up while she is weaving dreams for us. Puss in Boots is Tom, a tomcat who will become a fashion model even though he is all furry. Jack fells trees in the rainforest until a giant tree teaches him a lesson. Real witches don’t fly or cast wicked spells but you have one at home. A genie is tired of his cramped lamp and gives a little girl some good advice! A lonely queen talks to a mirror with a secret. Pete learns he can fly even when he grows up! The Wolf finds that Riding is a tough cookie. Princess Sgàthach would rather go to university than wear silly hats!

Role over Rhymes is a collection of ten original, alternative fairytale rhymes, featuring recast characters, plot twists, humour, present day settings and tons of magic! The rhymes question stereotypes and portray empowered, self-defined, resilient individuals. They touch on topics such as gender issues, diversity and climate change. The multicultural characters come to life through vivid, colourful illustrations. The steady rhythms and catchy rhymes make them easy to read, remember, learn and perform. Role Over Rhymes can be enjoyed at school as a literacy resource or at home. The rhymes can be read, recited and sung! You will love them.

Presentation at Bastardo in Madrid 27.3.2022 for children and families, 50 books sold!

Me encantó tu libro Suzanne!!! Creo que has logrado una mezcla de tradición, imaginación y cercanía con los posibles intereses de los niños y niñas muy acertada. Y todo eso con aire poético hermoso. Y la combinación con los dibujos tan atractivos hacen un libro encantador. Ojalá llegue a muchas niñas y niños.
Alicia Halperin (educator)

by Alicia Halperin

A great book with a modern twist on traditional tales. The children in my Reception class have loved the stories and illustrations!

by Carolina

Suzanne Sasse and June Laurie

Suzanne Sasse trained in performing arts, worked in publishing and television, later became a teacher and inspired children to love stories and rhymes.

June Laurie has a background in fashion and textile design and works at a school with young children.

Suzanne and June at the book presenataion

Children enjoying the presentation
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