Troubador Pickles' Purrfect Plan

Released: 28/09/2018

ISBN: 9781789014372

Format: Paperback

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Pickles' Purrfect Plan


Winnie the Witch, Willie the Wizard and Pickles the cat live happily in an old tumbledown cottage in the middle of a wood. That is until one day a wild storm stops them from enjoying their afternoon tea! The cottage needs fixing, but after searching high and low, they cannot find any money to pay for the work to be done. Luckily, Pickles has a cunning plan...

Calling upon all of his friends in the wood, the animal, birds, insects, the plants and the flowers all set to work to mend the cottage before daylight - as a surprise for Winnie and Willie. Will they finish on time?

With charming illustrations drawn by Jo Blakely, Pickles’ Purrfect Plan helps children aged 5-7 years to read with repetitive rhyme and also teaches a moral message of friendship and helping others. There is also an addition of a blue spider to find on every page which makes the story even more entertaining for younger readers.

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Brought this book for a brave little girl I know I now need to buy myself one xxx
Fantastic book wonderful story showing how we can all help each other in times of need.
Caring and sharing .
Loved the way the book flowed and the illustrations are fab and yes I found the cheeky spider too xx

Thank you Carolyn a truly wonderful book for all ages I think

by Caroline Dodds

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