Troubador Odd Job Frog

Released: 28/06/2015

ISBN: 9781784622725

Format: Hardback

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Odd Job Frog


"I'm bored," said Frog. "Bored, bored, BORED." Frog wants his life to be more exciting but all the things he wants to do cost money. Where can he get some? Are there jobs for frogs in London? Odd Job Frog will make a perfect gift or souvenir of a visit to London or the United Kingdom. An exciting story with an unexpected twist, this book is simultaneously entertaining and educational. Gorgeously illustrated with full-colour pictures, Odd Job Frog is suitable for children aged 3-7, both as a bedtime story and for older children to read themselves.

Well, given an open field of all her favourite bedtime books, my four year old went straight for 'Odd Job Frog'. Just like she has done nearly every night since she got it a week ago.

It was the illustrations that captivated her first - glorious striking water colours that filled her eyes with colour and detail. But then the story caught her imagination. A frog who needs money? Who jumps around the sights of London, looking for the right job. Snap! She's telling me about that naughty crocodile before I've even turned the page now.

She loves that he remembers his friend the country mouse and then they go gallivanting together.

For a slender book, this is bursting with rich colours and concepts and is already right up there on our list of firm favourites.

by Beverley Parkhill

I have bought this book for my granddaughter as part of her birthday present and I just cannot wait to give it to her and see her face. I absolutely adored the story and the colourful illustrations are wonderful. Both the author and the illustrator are exceedingly talented and I am sure this is going to be a firm favourite with children everywhere. I love Frog and hope there will be more stories about him. This is a book all children should have.

by Di Castle

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