Troubador Nelson ’n’ Deck and Friends

Released: 01/07/2011

ISBN: 9781848766686

Format: Paperback

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Nelson ’n’ Deck and Friends

How the Adventures Began


The Nelson 'n' Deck and Friends adventure stories are all about making London Fun for Kids with large, full colour illustrations on every other page to bring the story to life.

Presented in a fun and subtly educational way, this is the first in the series of Nelson 'n' Deck and Friends adventure stories for primary school children introducing them to all the wonderful sights and places in London to see and visit, in a bright and colourful way that children can relate to.

'How the Adventures Began' introduces you to all central characters of the series and lays the foundation for the follow-up books in the series.

11- year old Jack and his younger sister Keira reluctantly move to London with their parents, but on their first day, they accidently stumble across magical new friends whilst sneaking around the London Transport Museum - Nelson the funny-looking Pigeon, Deck the red open-topped double decker bus as well as Cab the black London taxi. It is the start of many wonderful adventures for them all over London with their new found friends.

With fun play-on-words names for the supporting characters that adults will appreciate, this is a story that can be enjoyed by the whole family whether you have been to London or not.

To be enjoyed over and over, this book is perfect as a gift to give away or to keep as a memento of your previous or forthcoming visit(s) to London.

I have written another mini story called Beware! Beware of Mr Tyder.

A mini eBook story for children up to 6 years old about a Tickling Spider who loves to sneak up and tickle children when they are not expecting it!

(Fun for all parents / grandparents that love an excuse to TICKLE their children)

* Beware! Beware! of Mr Tyder – will be available shortly as an Apple Fixed Format eBook for Apple Devices – iPads / iPhones / iPods

We bought this book for our grandson, Jayden, and it is really great. Although he is only two years old, we read him the story and he loved the bright, colourful illustrations throughout which kept him interested in the book.

by Mary Kingston

My 9 year old son, Brandon, loves this book and the way it brings everyday recognisable icons such as buses, taxis, pigeons, red phoneboxes and places in London to life in an original,fun and colourful way. When is the next book in the series coming out?

by Keith L

I really enjoyed this book. I liked Nelson the pigeon the best. I had not been to London before I read this book and I have since been with my mummy and daddy who showed me Nelson's Column - which was great. I learned a lot from this book and can't wait for the next book.

by Joe Orrell - aged 7

Our 8-year old daughter, Carys, thought your Nelson 'n' Deck book was Awesome!...whilst giving it two thumbs up! She is now asking us "When are we going to visit London?" Good luck with the book & its many sequels!

by Angie

My 6 year old daughter, Ellie, really enjoyed this first Nelson 'n' Deck book. She loved the bright, colourful pictures and learning about all the different, interesting characters...especially Deck the big, red bus. Although as a family we have only been to London a few times, the book has brought back really good memories of fun days out in the fact we can't wait to go back!

by Ellie's Daddy - Chris Wood

"I like the story about Keira and Jack and Nelson 'n' Deck and the nice pictures too"

by Joseph Ginns aged 5 and a half

This book was great! Not only was the story really interesting, but we learnt lots of things about London, which made us want to go and see them in real life to find out more!! Nelson and Deck were really funny and made us laugh!

by Zachary, Darcy, Bonnie & Harrison

C. M. Gillott

Chris Gillott is the owner of Star789 Limited, a company set up with the aims of making London fun for kids and supporting children’s charities and the fantastic work they do.

The original idea for the Nelson ’n’ Deck and Friends series of books occurred to Chris in late 1999/early 2000. The series is based on the author’s very fond childhood memories of visiting the many wonderful sights of London year round with his parents, grandparents and close family.

Ten years after having the original idea, the author wants to bring the many wonderful events that happen every year in London to life with his Nelson ’n’ Deck and Friends characters and adventure stories. He hopes that children and their parents and grandparents can all enjoy them — at home and while visiting or staying in London.

Chris was born in London at the University College Hospital near Euston. He grew up in Hertfordshire and regularly visited London during his childhood. During his early career he worked for British Telecom (BT) based in London and later in life he lived for a couple of years in Streatham, South London, during which time he worked for a media communications company which had offices near to the Bank of England.

Chris is married and lives with his wife, Michelle, and their three young girls in Northamptonshire. He visits London almost every week as part of his job which is helping companies to deliver their corporate strategies and business goals through Information Technology and Services.

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