Troubador My Mum the Police Officer

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781788032568

eISBN: 9781789010480

Format: Paperback/eBook

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My Mum the Police Officer


Written from the point of view of the child of a female police officer, My Mum the Police Officer follows a day in the life of their mother – and how it makes them feel. The story begins at the start of the officer’s day and focuses on the many varied tasks a police officer might do over the course of their shift, from finding lost cars to protecting some very important people. The method is simple, but not simplistic, as it captures the innocence yet highly intuitive skill of a young child who may be just a little afraid that Mummy might not come home…

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My Mum the Police Officer is a cute book about a child's perspective of what his mother does at work. I like that it is his mum and not his dad. This book was written in Britain, so you might have to explain some of the phrases to children in North America. There is also a teddy bear dressed as an English Bobby that makes several appearances in the story. It might be fun to look for him on every page, even though he might not be there. The only thing I wondered about was when it talked about police officers cleaning up after accidents. I do not believe that is part of their job here, it is usually fire fighters or city workers that clean up depending on what the mess is. This would make a good book to use when learning about Community Helpers or when discussing types of jobs children might like when they are older.

by Carla Johnson-Hicks

I loved this story! It does an excellent job showing how a sweet and loving mum is a police officer. It shows the helpful and kind moments often overlooked in our law enforcement's days! Great read for early readers.

by Allison Dublin

This is a cute title for preschoolers. Through a young boy, we learn all the jobs his mother does as a uniformed police officer. The illustrations are good and support the story.

by Richelle Zirkle

A really lovely book, both in terms of writing and illustrations, about the role a mother (or indeed a father) plays to inspire their child. It does a fantastic job of describing the varied work that a police officer carries out, and celebrates how proud children can be of their parents for the good work they do.

by Chris Bertenshaw

Amazing!! We need books about females and mums. We are not just our job and we are not just a mum. We can be anything!!

by Brittany Davis

This book would make a great book for young children learning about different careers. It would especially be a great book for kids of Police officers.

by Ashly Johnson

A really wonderful read with beautiful illustrations. Picks up the subtle horrors of the job without overly focussing on them. Perfect for anxious children.

by Sonya Pedersen

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