Troubador My Hair Curls

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781785890208

Format: Paperback

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My Hair Curls


My Hair Curls is a colourful, vibrant, and interactive picture book about a girl named Angeline expressing her love for her natural curly hair. Angeline is a British-born little girl of third generation African Caribbean heritage. She lives with her mother, father, and her little brother, George. Written from Angeline’s point of view, My Hair Curls features Angeline rhythmically narrating her way through the book. She begins by introducing herself and stating: “My hair curls.” She then goes on to introduce her friend Parveen after describing the length, colour and texture of her hair. Again, she states: “My hair curls.” This pattern continues as she introduces her friends Tommy and Charlotte, who each have different types of hair. The story comes to an end with a congregation of Angeline’s friends saying: “Our hair curls and we like it,” followed by Angeline affirming her love for her hair with: “My hair curls and I love it.” My Hair Curls promotes and celebrates diversity. It allows readers aged 1+ to develop positive self-awareness through reflective questions that complement the playful nature of the story.


Praise for My Hair Curls from Book Guild Publishing:

“This is a simple book addressing cultural diversity in a very positive way. The rhythm of the text takes the reader through the book easily, introducing different people, and the illustrations are lively and vibrant, complementing the text well.”

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I have purchased a few copies of this lovely book for myself and my nieces and God children. The book is inspirational and the children are able to identify with Angeline, with her love for herself and her curly hair.

Sheryl visited my school Before Christmas and we had a lovely morning with the children who enjoyed meeting Sheryl and also her book.

Well done Sheryl looking forward to the next book.

by Carol Campbell

Sheryl  Richards

SHERYL RICHARDS was born and grew up in the West Midlands. She is an artistic and well-travelled individual who has worked with children and young people in both England and America. She is an avid saxophonist and an experienced hairdresser. For the past 15 years, she has worked in secondary education.

Sheryl began writing children’s books after the birth of her first child in 2011. She was inspired by thoughts of her childhood; longing for culturally diverse books that represented the multicultural community in which she lived. Her books promote and celebrate diversity - allowing children to develop their emotional intellect and self-worth.

Sheryl Richards
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