Troubador More Stories for Young Children

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788037921

Format: Paperback

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More Stories for Young Children


Little Spooks and Waily Waily: Two mischievous, but friendly, ghosts make friends with a small boy and help him play tricks on his mum and dad and a not so friendly big boy.  

The Doodyland People: The Doodyland people are born in a flash out of nowhere. They each looked alike, small and round and made of metal and instead of legs they moved on small wheels. One has a buzzer so they call him king. The buzzer begins to teach them about their strange, new world. Then they become wet as water drips upon each one of them and it is up to Doody Dragon to help them mend the holes in the sky. Roly is a very mischievous small daschund belonging to Veronica, the vicar’s daughter. He decides to help out at choir practice and during bell ringing, but his efforts are not always appreciated When he sneaks into church during a service, he causes mayhem there too.

The Singing River, The Laughing Mountain and The Coughing Squirrel are imitative of the way young children personalise the world around them. Young animals can even become doct

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