Troubador Meet Crumb!

Released: 28/02/2018

ISBN: 9781788038478

Format: Paperback

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Meet Crumb!


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Written in a flowing rhyme to help readers escape the ordinary world

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Ideal for children aged 5-9 years

Meet Crumb! links the ordinary life of a little girl with a magical world that exists right under her nose. 

Little Darcey had no idea what that strange noise was in her bedroom one night, but that noise marks the very moment she is introduced to something different, something special. The innocent and kind little girl makes a friend in a magical creature. A creature that has lived alongside her without her ever knowing… 

She is taken on an epic journey exposing her to a whole new world of fun and adventure. Ordinary human life collides with imagination and magic in this captivating children’s story. 

A magical adventure story for children 5-9 years, and for parents who may well be reading it, Meet Crumb! is beautifully illustrated throughout and will keep children engaged and entertained. The book features illustrations by Louis Durrant (

Mansfield and Ashfield Chad

The Nottingham Post

We love this book! Two boys aged 5 & 7 and we've read it so many times they know the words & especially the rap!
Written in an easy to read, fun & engaging way. Highly recommend for any kids library.

by Aileen

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