Troubador Marvin’s Seaside Adventure

Released: 28/07/2017

ISBN: 9781788035248

Format: Paperback

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Marvin’s Seaside Adventure


Marvin is a rusty old Mini who has sat neglected on a country garage forecourt for many years, never getting a second glance and certainly never loved or cared for. His one treat is his weekly trip to the car wash – but on one visit, something rather extraordinary happens. Instead of emerging as a slightly cleaner version of his battered old self, he is magically transformed into what he once was: a beautiful, shiny red car. The car wash takes him to a new adventure, and he finds himself on a sunny sea front. He meets a young lifeboat named Larry, and the two quickly become firm friends. But during his time at the seaside, Larry gets into trouble out at sea after showing off! Will Marvin be able to save the day?

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