Troubador Lum

Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9780993558825

Format: Paperback

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A fantastic story with refreshingly bright illustrations which have been hand-drawn and painted by Nic Phine, Lum contains life lessons of learning to share problems and how to make friends, and also features an important anti-bullying message. Younger readers will love the story itself, while older readers will also grasp the underlying morals. This picture book will be enjoyed best by children aged 0 - 7 years old.

Lum is a wonderful picture book to read aloud, drawing the young reader into a far-off place where imagination is overblown and children are scared by an unseen ‘monster’. The illustrations keep the story from being too scary as the children in the book learn to cope with their fears as they search for Lum, who it turns out is more fluffball than scary monster, and they all learn a lesson as well as gaining a new friend.

Josie's first published story Lum has an anti-bullying theme reflecting a time in her life when she was bullied by adults who should have known better. Interestingly, many of Josie's yet-to-be-published stories follow a similar theme of friendships, which of course is the opposite of bullying.

In 2018, Josie's second story Lum's Mum will be published, which again has a underlying theme of friendship and helping those in need.

Both books have been illustrated by Nic Phine, Josie's husband, bringing a vibrant and colourful life to the stories. The illustrations are hand-drawn and painted in good old-fashioned acrylic paint.

Lots more stories to follow!

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Josie  Dom

Josie began writing as a child. Those stories are long gone and never saw the light of day, however, the child-like imagination is still within and Josie has returned to writing now that she's all grown up with children of her own.

Josie grew up in north Essex, and after a few years living in lots of different towns and villages in the UK, and some time travelling the world, Josie has returned to her home town where she lives with her husband, and illustrator, Nic Phine and their two lively, energetic children.

Josie would love the world to be a kinder place for everyone, lacking the judgement that is often shown to others, a lot of Josie's stories reflect this attitude.

To contribute in a small way to this aim, Josie donates 15% of profit from book sales to charity.

Josie Dom

Josie Dom and Lum
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