Troubador Leonardo’s First Flight

Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9781789014303

Format: Paperback

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Leonardo’s First Flight


Have you ever wanted to fly?

A fictional story based on an invention of Leonardo da Vinci, Leonardo’s First Flight depicts Leonardo’s first attempt to achieve human flight. In order to pursue this goal, he must use his talents in both art and science. He must also discover the role of nature in leading the way for invention.

In this book, Leonardo tries to find a way for people to fly, like birds or bats. He works to design wings and then starts his journey. As he flies, he faces many obstacles, and he must seek help from an unexpected friend.

The target age group for Leonardo’s First Flight is 0-5 years, to be read by an adult or an older child. It is also an ideal first book for children to read themselves. Full of bright illustrations by Lisa Harrold, the book will enchant both children and adults.

Because Leonardo’s First Flight is written in verse, it supports children’s natural inclination for rhythm and poetry. It also promotes curiosity, which sparks an early enjoyment of science. Leonardo’s journey encourages young people of all ages to focus on what inspires them. With this inspiration, they can persevere through difficult challenges, in order to work towards their goals.

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