Troubador Leave with Me

Released: 28/06/2018

ISBN: 9781789013795

Format: Paperback

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Leave with Me


Leave with Me is a timeless but simple tale for young children.
Set in the warmth and innocence of the English countryside.
Beautifully illustrated throughout by James Weston Lewis.

Leave with Me is a children’s story about leaving the safety of home and discovering the great world outside. Meet a Leaf named Lila, her family of leaves, and her worldly-wise friend Swithin the Swift, who encourages Lila to turn her fear of the unknown into confidence and excitement about the future.

In their first collaboration, Jack Terry’s tender adaptation of 9-year-old Madeleine Gale’s gentle parable about growing up, bathes in a modern tableaux of beautifully illustrated nature scenes, hand-drawn by emerging art talent James Weston Lewis.

This book seeks to reunite readers with the beauty, mystery and possibility of the great English rural tradition, and will be a pleasure for picture-book lovers of all ages.

We bought this book not only for the simple but beautiful story but also for the amazing illustrations. More traditional than many other picture books I have read with my son.

by Lisa Willett

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