Troubador Introducing the Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company

Released: 02/04/2013

ISBN: 9781780883564

Format: Paperback

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Introducing the Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company


Welcome to the Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company, held in the secret cellars of  Pluckerslea Hall, an English stately home with a ghostly reputation! Here, in a flurry of fur and feathers, a whole world of music and dancing exists...

Marmie tells of his great grandmother who founded the company and introduces its main characters – prima ballerina Pusskarina Pavlova, a dainty white cat who is completely deaf – which doesn’t stop her from dancing major roles in the ballets. Character dancer Oliver Crumble is a plump ginger tom with a leaky problem, ably assisted by Ratchett Rat and ‘The Commode’, a luxury litter box on wheels. Maestro Erico Poochetti, a shy Shih-Tzu, has the important position of ballet master, while German Shepherd Gemma McBone is conductor of the cats, dogs, birds and mice who play in the Moggyinsky Musical Ensemble. Willamena Wallaby, an Aussie with attitude, is cook and canteen manager, while Madam Carman Coiffure of millinery and make-up is an eccentric duck with a passion for plumes. Marmie explains how the animals get food, heat, light and materials, and tells with a shudder of Black Treacle Farm, where the notorious Bruiser Bumfluff and his gang of cut-throat cats hang out.

This delightful tale, complete with intricate, full-colour illustrations, is suitable for 8-12 year old children – especially animal lovers!

I shall be signing and chatting about my books at The Three Counties Society Cat Show on Sat 11th August 2018 at Places Leisure Centre, Eastleigh, Southampton.
Please do come along and say 'Hi!'

The dancing cats are delighted to announce that both my stories about them and their adventures, 'Introducing the Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company' and ''Dancing Paws of Magic' are now in the library at White Lodge, Richmond Park, the home of the Royal Ballet School. Wow and Merow! Now how great is that!!!

from January 2018, 'Dancing Paws of Magic' now available to buy at the Art Shop at the Lighthouse Theatre in Poole.

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'Dancing Paws of Magic', as well as some real adventure and spooky magic, describes a quite unique performance of 'Sleeping Beauty'. Purrfect for animal loving ballet fans of all ages.
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Have you ever seen a lepremogg? Do you know what a lepremogg is? No?
Well I have an inkling and you'll find my thoughts on the subject on the Blog Page of my website.
On my Blog you will find two little stories with faded photos, of those real-life, brave old cats, who were the inspirations for my character of the magical lepremogg, Galway O'Toot.

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Wed.14th June, 6pm UK time, great interview with Hannah Murray on Talk Radio Europe.

Dancing Paws of Magic now available for readers everywhere.

26th May. A most enjoyable interview with Marilyn Barber, Editor of the Stour & Avon Magazine. My cat Gracie and I posed for photographs and we had a lovely long chat about my life and my books.

24th May. My interview with Hannah Murray of Talk Radio Europe went really well. She was so easy to chat to making the whole experience a pleasure. She will tweet me towards the end of June when her Book Show, including my interview, is to go on air.
The radio station is especially for ex-pats living in Spain but programs can be listened to via the Internet anywhere in the world. (I don't think I 'fluffed' my words!)

Have you visited my website yet? There are stories, photos, a regularly updated blog and even a collection of my illustrations in glorious colour. Go on! Taka a peek at and ENJOY!

March 2017
Great excitement! First delivery of 'Dancing Paws of Magic' has arrived from the printers. Beat the rush and get your copy to read and enjoy now!

On Wednesday 29th May, I was back at 'A Bundle of Books' children's bookshop in Herne Bay, Kent for a 'How to' workshop on the use of illustrating with watercolour pencils. Great fun was had by children, mums, grandmas and me and some really nice pictures were produced and several copies of Introducing the Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company were signed and passed on to their new young readers.

On Saturday 4th. May at
'A Bundle of Books' 6 Bank St Herne Bay Kent, I told children about my own youthful ballet experiences, the animals who have inspired the characters for my story, explained with the aid of original sketches and finished watercolours how the illustrations were developed,read extracts and was delighted to sign copies for those who purchased my book.


The Bookseller Children's Buyer's Guide

Your Cat, July 2013

Herne Bay, Canterbury and Whitstable Times

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

The Cat

Books Monthly

Herne Bay Times

This delightful book transports the reader to a colourful world that exists in the cellars of a stately home. Narrated by a black cat, and revolving around the secret workings of a feline ballet company, the story introduces you to a host of marvellous creatures, all based on real pets.

The humorous descriptions bring the furry characters to life, and lovers of ballet will relish the careful attention to detail.

Most wonderful of all are the exquisite illustrations, which really make this a must-read for children of all ages!

by Karl

This delightful book, attractively illustrated will help children use their own imagination and give them an insight into the elements of ballet and a ballet company. It is done through the creative role of a variety of animals whom the reader can see through the colourful illustrations and which are based on the writers own animals over the years. It is easy to read, or to be read to children of any age.

by Don

Loved the story and what great pictures. It brought out my feminine side!

by A doting Grandad.

I have read Introducing the Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company and thoroughly enjoyed it. The illustrations are very lifelike!
My favourites were Madam Carman Coiffure the duck that makes the hats(Me-wow what a gal!! said Marmie Moggyinsky in the story)and Miss Daisy May the little dog that plays the piano.(I am learning to play the piano).

by Kate aged 8

Maria McArdle

As a child I had three ambitions: to be a champion dressage rider, to dance the roll of the Sugar Plum Fairy at the Royal Opera House in London and to write and illustrate my own children's stories. Though I had some talent in each of these very different fields, LIFE, as it does, got in the way.

I was born in Ramsgate, Kent and in 1952 at the age of four, became a £10 Pom, emigrating with my parents and older sisters, Rosemarie and Christine, to Australia. We settled in the island state of Tasmania on the banks of the beautiful River Tamar. There I enjoyed an idyllic childhood - apart from school - A free spirit, I was never one to be confined. Our home quickly filled with stray cats, dogs, wildlife of many kinds, ponies in the garden and Willamena, a wallaby, living in the fireplace.

At eight years old I began ballet lessons and soon boasted a first prize at the Launceston Competitions.

Back in those days, there was no television service in Tasmania and families lucky enough to have a decent working radio were few. Apart from twice weekly showings at the tiny local cinema, entertainment was what you made it; rustic and homespun. My Father, with old time musical halls running in his veins, began an amateur drama group. Assisted by my Mother, an accomplished pianist, he wrote, produced and stage managed some very funny slapstick reviews, and musical shows and his genius for Heath Robinson special effects knew no bounds. Travelling along rough bush tracks to isolated schools and church halls and billed as 'The Baby of the Show', I sang and danced my way to stardom!

Great change came when we moved to the bright city lights of Sydney. Rolly my beloved springer spaniel moved with us and before long, our home was filled once again with stray cats, injured birds and a pink and grey galah(parrot) named Cocky.

With Rosemarie studying drama at the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Christine and I enrolled with The First Australian Ballet Company under the stern but kindly direction of elderly Russian maestro, Mischa Burlakov who, in his youth, had danced with the great Anna Pavlova and who shared our affinity with stray cats. With the Company, Christine and I danced in The Rite of Spring, Giselle, Coppélia and Swan Lake. In a concert of excerpts from several ballets, I performed the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Sadly our days Down Under were not to last. My Mother was desperately homesick for England. We returned to Whitstable in Kent, to a winter, where it seemed to me, the sun never shone, the sea froze over and stray cats and dogs appeared in droves.

Now a professional actress, Rosemarie began touring with various repertory companies and my parents took up the challenge of more amateur theatre. There followed a succession of music halls, reviews and pantomimes in which Rosemarie, when she was 'resting', Christine and I produced, choreographed and performed.

On leaving school I was employed at our local library. There I read and amassed a huge collection of discarded books and met Peter, a talented musician, cat lover and my future husband. A week after our first date to see Brigadoon at the old Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, he proposed marriage in the romantic setting of Canterbury Cathedral, on the very flagstones (I think) where Thomas á Becket was murdered!

We were married barely a year when the first member of our family arrived, a part Exmoor pony named Peter Pan. He was quickly followed by the usual stray cats and dogs and later by two rescued Shetland ponies, Wendy and Tinkerbelle.

I had always had a love of drawing and painting and despite my lack of formal training, began taking commissions for animal portraits in oils. These prooved so successful, I left the library service to concentrate on my art.

Together with two work colleagues, Peter set up a charity - The St. Anthony od Padua Foundation - to enhance the independence of people with physical disabilities. I became a trustee and when we opened a printing and office services workshop in Margate, offering training and employment, I was responsible for the artwork of the printing and publicity.

For many years, together with the rest of the family, we worked on the restoration and then endless maintenance of Gothic House, a large, semi-derelict Victorian house by the sea. The property was always buzzing with children and animals and many happy events; dinner parties, children's parties, charity fund-raising garden parties and musical evenings. We even opened our home to holiday makers, many becoming real friends and returning year after year.

So now, after all this time,and ably assisted by my two beautiful cats, Gracie, an independent puss of the Russian Blue variety,and her friend Bambino Perfect Print, a very lovely spotted Bengal Leopard Cat, I am concentrating on my childhood dream; to write and illustrate my own children's stories. With storyline and characters inspired by my own experiences and the wonderful real-life animals and people I have been fortunate to know, my first illustrated children's book is called


March 2017 update:

My second book about the members of the Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company is now complete. In contrast to my first, which gives a pen picture and coloured illustration of each of the main characters, it is in illustrated novel form and is a tale filled with mystery, mayhem and not a little magic.

The title of my second book in this series produced by Matador is


This is me with Gracie, a most independent young puss and inspiration for Dame Pusska.

Sleeping Beauty Programme Cover.
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