Troubador Hokey Pokey Pig & I

Released: 28/03/2014

eISBN: 9781783065967

Format: eBook

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Hokey Pokey Pig & I


Join Neve and Hokey Pokey Pig, her best friend in the whole wide world and go on a magical adventure where absolutely anything is possible. What daredevil things will Hokey Pokey Pig suggest for them to do? Suspend your logical side and join Hokey Pokey Pig in the world of nonsense. Meet The Pogs, fly with The Beautiful Quee, fight pirates with chopsticks and all before bedtime! Hokey Pokey Pig & I is a heartwarming and pleasingly retrospective story with a modern sense of fun. Give your child a head start in their education - research in recent decades has provided proof on how sensitivity to rhyme helps children progress with their reading – and it’s never too early to start. Let this fantastical rhyming picture book, with beautiful original illustrations by the author, engage with your child’s imagination and be the start of their reading journey. So, settle down, are you sitting comfortably? Then lets begin!

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This wonderful book has been a true favourite in my family for a number of years.....since Debs gave it to my now 14yr old daughter Neve! I am now enjoying ( some years on may I add) reading this to my son Henri, 2 yrs, his favourite character, aside from the Pogs is definitely the Moon! X

by Hermione

“This book was a lovely present, the pictures are very funny. They made me laugh!”

by Holly Grace, Aged 4

This book will really appeal to my infant class. Wonderful illustrations and lots of imaginative ideas. I am looking forward to sharing it as I am sure it will inspire them to read and write.

Mrs J Day
Deputy Headteacher.

by J Day

Something a little different, and both my young boys love it. We bought an original copy a few years back and are now very much looking forward to downloading it. Fantastic illustrations and imaginative and verse. A really good story for my youngsters at bedtime.

by Manny

I got dragged in and read it all to the end like a bedtime story, it's great, it's cosy and the pictures are brilliant! I love Hokey Pokey Pig! Wishing you every success with it.

by Tony Mortimer (Ex East 17)

Deborah Elias

Deborah studied drama at Manchester University, got a 1st and now works in TV & Film. She learned to read at the young age of 3 to Edward Lear’s The Quangle Wangle's Hat and has loved the fantastical world of nonsense ever since! Hokey Pokey Pig & I, written and illustrated by her own fair hand, is her first book to be published.

Deborah Elias 2014
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