Troubador Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle

Released: 01/08/2012

ISBN: 9781780882222

Format: Paperback

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Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle


Guy is a gargoyle at Furness Abbey. He enjoys watching the monks go about their business, and at night, when the moon is up, he is able to fly with his many brothers. Then the abbey is destroyed by soldiers. Everything changes and Guy looks on folornly as his brothers are lost. Some are carted away or broken and others go into hiding. He becomes very sad and grumpy and won’t talk to anyone. This goes on for many years until a little shrew decides to cheer him up… She makes him laugh and then he finds he can fly again and makes new friends. The friends then decide to help him find his brothers. They fly from place to place, meeting different animals along the way. They finally find the remaining gargoyle safe and sound at the Abbey Mill Café.

Guy the Gumpy?Gargoyle is a fantasy picture story about friends and feelings that uses the traditions of storytelling to encourage sharing stories. The beautiful, full-colour illustrations provide a stimulus for discussion and will inspire kids to speak and listen. The journey the characters take is descriptive and enables children to join in and predict the text. By turns funny and sad, it will appeal to young readers aged 3-7, who will be able to relate to Guy’s feelings and emotions and empathise with them. Gill has been inspired by a variety of authors, including Alan?Garner, C.J. Sansom and Barbara Erskine.

Her first book "Out of Time:The Secret of the Swan" has been a best seller in her local Waterstone's and she continues to visit schools and bookshops throughout the year.

The Out of Time series is a historical fantasy story and is woven around real events and people. The central focus is Furness Abbey which provides a suitably mysterious backdrop to the adventures. The characters find themselves in a race against time and up against formidable adversaries who seek the same lost abbey treasures that they are charged with protecting.

A book for younger children is also available called "Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle" which explores friendship.

A brilliant story that draws you in from the start. Well drawn characters that you can identify with and vivid descriptions of the area mean that younger readers can really immerse themselves in the adventure. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes history, mystery adventures from age 9 to 90. Can't wait for the next book! SATAY

I bought this book as I have a love for anything to do with Furness Abbey. Although it is a book for children I really enjoyed spending a few moments reading it and enjoying all the lovely illustrations with in it. If you have young kids I would definitely recommend this book for them, especially if you know and visit Furness Abbey! Once you've read the book and next visit the abbey I'm sure you will be looking around to see if you can see Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle sitting somewhere on the ruins. I know I will be! As I say in the title of this review, a great book for children!

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Gill Jepson

Gill Jepson is children's author and Patron of Reading for three schools in the Furness area of Cumbria. She is passionate about learning and loves her role as an educator.

She lives in Barrow-in Furness,Cumbria, moving back after spending twelve years in London. She is married and has three grown up children and two young grandsons.

She has always written for her own pleasure and is an avid reader of historical and fantasy fiction. Her abiding passion is history; especially local and family history. Out of Time was her debut children’s fantasy novel and is the first of four stories set in the Furness area. Out of Time 2 Raven's Hoard and Out of Time 3 The Cistercian Conspiracy and a book for younger children-Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle is also available.

Gill Jepson is a member of the National Association of Writers in Education and is a teacher with many years experience. She is committed to encouraging children's reading and writing and uses her skills to provide workshops and book events for schools.

Gill Jepson

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