Troubador Gail the Sheepdog Pup

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838592134

Format: Paperback

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Gail the Sheepdog Pup


Meet Gail. She’s a sheepdog puppy who is about to discover a new world of work when she goes to live with her new boss and his family. Gail is no ordinary pup, she’s destined to be a sheepdog.

Arriving at her new home, she meets all the other sheepdogs who have been at the home for a while. Although she’s nervous, they take her under their paws and show her the ropes of how to be a great sheepdog. Every day brings a new challenge, and although everyone gives her lots of encouragement and praise, Gail is worried she won’t succeed. Will she rise to the challenge and become the best sheepdog she can be?

This beautifully illustrated ‘tail’ will be enjoyed by readers aged 0-5 years, as they follow Gail on her adventure to become a shepherd’s hardworking companion.

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