Troubador Frog Meets a Bog Beast

Released: 28/04/2014

ISBN: 9781783063277

eISBN: 9781783065738

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Frog Meets a Bog Beast

The first in the 'My Animal Puzzle Book Series'


Illustrated by Ian R Ward

Take a trip to the bog,
where there may be low-lying fog,
to see if you can meet the beast from the Far East!

Frog Meets a Bog Beast is a delightful tale with a twist, combining beautiful images with a rhyming swing. This first printed book in the 'My Animal Puzzle Book Series' sets the scene for a collection of thoughtful, entertaining stories.

Bog life was simple but never dull for Frog. It was home sweet home with lots of moss and Frog was boss. It was never busy or ever smelt fishy. Frog loved his own company, licking flies from the skies or hunting in the ground where worms, beetles or slugs could all be found. Every day, Frog collected these delicious 'sweet' treats to eat from the peat. Lots of flavour to savour!

Being green and so unseen gave him a great hiding or canopy screen. But a bizarre creature with odd features made Frog freeze at the knees! Frog decided to be brave, though the outcome could be grave. Keeping still was not Frog’s free will and it really felt no thrill. Was this creature real and should Frog be in fear..?

With words and pictures that can be enjoyed both visually and audibly, this short story encourages communication skills and courage together with a theme of friendship. It is more than a picture book! A mini 'Bog Field Guide' and 'How To Make Your Own Frog' craft activity are also included. Suitable for adult supported reading, early readers and children aged 4-8, it raises thoughts on courage, friendship, nature and exploring different environments.

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