Troubador Fiona the Doctor

Released: 28/10/2014

ISBN: 9781783065257

Format: Paperback

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Fiona the Doctor


Fiona the Doctor is the fourth book of the series ‘What do the grown-ups do?’ Based in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland, the series aims to teach children aged 5-10 years about different jobs. By writing through the eyes of the children, the tone is kept chatty and light-hearted as three local children meet real workers who explain their jobs. Fiona the doctor shows the Mackenzie children the equipment in the doctor’s bag used to help diagnose a patient’s problem: the stethoscope, the otoscope, the oximeter – a doctor’s life is full of long words! They learn about the differences between blood pressure and pulse, systolic and diastolic, GPs and specialists, and even why people get smelly feet! They also learn that doctors have their own jokes! Other books in the series include: Joe the Fisherman, Papa the Stockfarmer, Sean the Actor and Richard the Vet. Coming soon, Gordon the Wildlife Filmmaker.

Coming soon in the What do the grown-ups do? include:

Book 1: Joe the Fisherman
Book 2: Papa the Stockfarmer
Book 3: Sean the Actor
Book 4: Fiona the Doctor
Book 5: Richard the Vet
Book 6: Gordon the Wildlife film maker
and many more…

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Mairi McLellan

Mairi and her husband run a croft farming Highland cattle and operate boat charters amongst the stunning scenery of the northwest Highlands of Scotland.

The What do the grown-ups do? series of books are based on the Highland village life and follow three local girls as they investigate the world of grown-up jobs.

After graduating from Glasgow University and a post-grad in France, Mairi worked in the family software business until its sale. She spent over nine years working and traveling abroad and finally returned to the family home in the Highlands of Scotland in 2011. She lives by the sea with her husband, three daughters, a collie dog, a cat and many Highland cows.

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