Troubador Fat Cat and the Chocolate Sandwich

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Released: 28/02/2020

ISBN: 9781838592639

Format: Paperback

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Fat Cat and the Chocolate Sandwich


Fat Cat is a lazy cat, who loves nothing more than sitting on his mat inside the farmhouse eating his favourite food, chocolate sandwiches! Every day his best friends try to encourage him to come and play, but every day Fat Cat always manages to find an excuse not to join them - or perhaps he feels he can’t. Until a clever little mouse has a clever little plan to coax him off his mat…

Slapstick fun combined with vibrant illustrations by Sarah Rogers, Fat Cat and the Chocolate Sandwich is a tale of two halves, indulging in a chocolate sandwich alone or having fun with your friends... Which one would you choose?

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Beautifully illustrated and written at a fun pace, Fat Cat is a great little bed time read. The story is silly enough to keep your little one and you interested from start to finish.

Loved it.

Looking forward to seeing more!

by Lee I'anson

Everyone must read Fat Cat and the chocolate sandwich, bought these for my nieces ended up reading myself , love the sentiment of the story and made me laugh out loud ... fantastic 5 stars from me!

by Sarah

my 1 and 3 year old absolutely love this book and I love reading it to them. It’s comical, has some great characters and a wonderful underlying message completely appropriate for this day and age. Highly recommend.

by Victoria Mcdermott

An amazing children’s book which has a moral. My little boy loved the pictures and the rhyming. Brilliantly written and love the ending.

by Jenni Murray

I loved reading this to my 3 children aged 2, 6 and 9. All of them loved the illustrations and the story. Highly recommend this book

by Shelley geoghegan

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