Troubador Dear Ed...

Released: 28/07/2014

ISBN: 9781783065226

Format: Paperback

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Dear Ed...


Jack is a lively dog that is rescued by Grandma. She soon finds that coping with his escapades can be quite exhausting, even if they are both unexpected and entertaining. Jack does not understand why Grandma is so cross with him so he writes letters to his good friend Ed telling him why he thinks he has ended up in the 'doghouse'. Both Jack and Grandma learn about the trials and tribulations of living together. As Jack finds himself so often getting into trouble Grandma doesn't know what to do with him! But after all, he is only a young dog and Grandma does love him dearly, but we should keep that quiet or he might just get worse! This exciting picture book is illustrated by Timo.

Dear Avid reader,
Many thanks for registering your interest in my psychological thriller novel titled `Mavis Bone and the Fledgling Killer` by B.P.Smythe. To be released the 28th July 2021. contact: [email protected]

The book opens with a serial killer, whose evil roots were planted from a traumatic childhood. He makes an agenda to rob and kill women for financial gain, over the years 2008 to 2014. His crime spree efforts are checked and eventually foiled by Mavis Bone, a forty-year-old Australian, lesbian, private investigator. And with her lover, forty-five-year-old German secretary, Gertrude Stick, they operate the SW19 Wimbledon Broadway based, Mavis Bone Detective Agency.

Mavis and Gertrude, live above the agency office, and share the top two flats. The walls of Mavis’s flat are adorned with pictures of Mario Lanza. Being a true fan, she has all his old records. Gertrude’s flat is full of Nazi memorabilia. In her teens she was a member of the Hitler youth.

Using a Russian motorcycle and sidecar, nicknamed Lenin, for their mode of transport, they often turn up at a crime scene, wearing hell’s angel’s leathers and Nazi helmets. Mavis’s secretary, had recently purchased the storm trooper helmets from a Nazi memorabilia website. Included with her delivery, was a giant swastika patterned bedspread, and a black satin pillow case set, all decked out with swastikas and portraits of the Nazi leaders. Through the week, Gertrude rotates the pillows, so she can take it in turn to sleep on the faces of Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler.
Chasing the `Fledgling Killer`, through his ingenious methodical killing spree, is hands on Mavis Bone, and she’s not afraid to get them dirty. This involves the death of her husband, and a problem client that could send her secretary to prison for a war crime.

Dealing with her own personal issues through the years, Mavis has blood on her hands and sees it justifiable, even though the police wouldn’t. Her gender choices, along with her racist opinionated views, were moulded in her hard-Australian outback childhood, and were the motivation for killing her prostitute philandering husband.

Mavis Bone is a real believable Ozzy crude character, who has a preference for strap-on lesbian sex and snorting Charlie - a cocaine habit she picked up in Columbia as a student, while backpacking around South America during her early twenties

Mavis and Gertrude are lovers, and share a bond of tortured childhoods. They suffer each other, and are comparable to Holmes and Watson in their crime fighting gay relationship; while using sound racist logical reasoning and drug taking, to solve crimes.

[email protected]

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Trish Hartley

Brief Author Bio

Eight years ago, B.P.Smythe self-published his first horror novel, Sow and You Shall Reap which can be purchased on Amazon in ebook and paperback. Over 6,000 copies so sold so far…

Last year 2017, B.P.Smythe secured a three book deal from Bloodhound Books, which included, From a Poison Pen

His second book of short stories From a Poison Pen VOL II has just been released and is available on:

Last year 2019, B.P.Smythe released three full length novels – The Medal of Purity and THE EXPIRED and Then There Were None

Barry Smythe ([email protected])

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B.P.Smythe author of `Mavis Bone and the Fledgling Killer`.
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