Troubador Bumbelinda

Released: 28/04/2018

ISBN: 9781788032896

Format: Paperback

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Warning: This is not your average fairy story!


Bumbelinda is a TERRIBLE fairy; how she ever ended up as one is a mystery. Her wand is a fly swat, her tu-tu has gone poo-poo, and don’t even think about asking her to make your wishes come true, (I’m serious, don’t ask.)


However, she is perfectly fine just bumbling and grumbling along by herself - until one day a little girl finds her and bursts with joy to have found a REAL LIFE FAIRY!!! (Boy, is she in for a surprise...)


It’s not going to be easy to convince Bumbelinda to be her friend and maybe even make her two VERY IMPORTANT wishes come true, but with a fairy, isn’t anything possible???


This is a funny, funky fairy story about friendship, following dreams (and the occasional foul smell...) Inspired by the author’s teaching experiences with students, the girls who love typically ‘girly’ things, but who are also bold and opinionated, Bumbelinda turns the stereotypical fairy story on its head. With hand-drawn illustrations in a bold, bright style by the author, readers will be drawn into a crazy world of colour and all around chaos!

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