Troubador Billy's New Camera

Released: 28/08/2016

ISBN: 9781785893094

Format: Paperback

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Billy's New Camera


Meet Billy Bradley, a fun-loving young boy who loves adventure! On his birthday, he is given his dream present – a new camera. The following day, Billy and his mum head into the woods to try it out. Billy meets lots of different animals along the way, and asks them to give him their biggest smile when he says “Cheese!” and takes their photograph. Billy cannot understand why the animals won’t cooperate and instead hide their faces. It’s not until he finally meets a mouse who is more than willing to smile for him that he realises that he’s using the wrong word to try and make the animals smile – as not all animals like cheese! He then tries using a different, more relevant word for each of the animals and this finally gets their cooperation – and a great picture! This colourful rhyming story is great for early learning, especially within the pre-school age group. Billy’s New Camera will equally appeal to parents looking for a fun and informative tale, as well as Early Years teachers looking for new ways to engage their class.

Westside Magazine

Great first book from this author, easy for children to follow and join in with the rhyming verses. Good graphics, can't wait for book number 2.

by N.Armitage

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