Troubador AYA and PAPAYA Meet the Big Little Creatures

Released: 28/05/2019

ISBN: 9781789017724

eISBN: 9781789019636

Format: Paperback/eBook

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AYA and PAPAYA Meet the Big Little Creatures


Join Aya and Papaya on their latest adventures in MQ’s second bright and fun children’s picture book!

Morning has broken and as the sun peaks through her window, Aya gently opens her eyes and gives Papaya an enormous hug. Jumping out of bed and pulling back the curtains, a big smile spreads across her face. Today will be a great day because Aya’s best friend, Samy, is coming to play!

Aya and Samy, with Papaya and Bamboo, decide to go on an adventure to the big castle at the end of the garden. But first, they must be brave and make their way past the big little creatures that live in the garden. As their journey progresses, Aya and Samy learn an important lesson about bravery and being kind.

A well-illustrated story about a little boy and girl who venture into a backyard garden. In the garden, they encounter "Big Little Creatures" (menacing bugs of all sorts). Fearful, they head for a castle in the garden, only to be stopped by big brother, who reminds them that they are the biggest little creatures of all (and the Big Little Creatures are afraid of them). The colorful illustrations will appeal to children.

by Biblio

Very cute storybook with bright illustrations and Positive message. Liked it very much.

by Helena

A delightful tale with beautiful illustrations! Aya and Samy's adventure leads them outside to the garden where their imaginations get away from them. I liked the lesson for children that things may not be as scary as they original think and they shouldn't let those fears from stopping their adventures. The additional lesson of treating nature with respect is also an important reminder for both adults and children.

by Rachel

A cute little book to teach your children about caring for small creatures. Absolutely beautiful illustrations and a really lovely storyline.

by Amanda

I thought this was the cutest book with the best message on how to treat others and creatures. It had absolutely beautiful illustrations and would be the perfect for young children.

by Kelsee

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