Troubador Yoga — The Optimal Lifestyle

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781838594442

eISBN: 9781800468481

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Yoga — The Optimal Lifestyle

More Than 1250 Yoga Postures, With a Supplement on Jet — The Miracle Pet


This book is the final instalment in the trilogy by the author. The first book, Yoga & Meditation: a holistic approach to perfect homeostasis and health was an introduction to yoga with a hint of meditation. The second book, Meditation & Yoga: Discovering the higher spheres of existence, concentrated more on meditation as a spiritual practice. 

Thousands of photographs of Yogini Shubh Veer, aged between 45 to 70 years, were taken by her students. All the different yoga postures shown, happened spontaneously during deep meditation. The author used to record them as notes and sketches to remember what had occurred during meditation. Unfortunately many postures where adequate notes couldn’t be made were lost. This book still has more than 1,250 different hatha yoga postures described in more than 2,350 photographs. 

Also included is a section about Jet, the miracle pet. She was the life companion of the author, Yogini Shubh Veer, a Siddha Yogini, sharing her life and meditation. In 1994 Jet’s body was exhumed, months after burial, and was found to have remained in an intact state. To date the body is still intact, and she appears to be in a state of suspended animation. Something astounding!

If you are a novice yoga enthusiast, this is the book for you. I appreciated the photographs taken breaking down each step of each pose and the benefits for each of them. This book also reflects the lifestyle of the yogi from everything to mediations to healthy eating and living. Everyone deserves to feel Zen and this book does an exceptional job showing us how. We have a lot of people in the community who are practicing yogis and who want to learn more about the lifestyle and I am excited that this book will be perfect for them. I even picked up some tips and tricks for myself even.

by NetGalley review

Yoga-The Optimal Lifestyle is the last volume of a trilogy by Yogini Shubh Veer. I didn't have a chance to read the first two which focus on both yoga and meditation. This last one focuses mainly on yoga poses and there is an abundance of photos illustrating yoga poses in different levels of difficulties. It's amazing to see the photos of Yogini Shubh Veer in various poses that were taken during her younger and older years. The only drawback of this volume I would say is that the black and white quality of the photos gave off an weirdly eerie vibe. The photos with colours at the last section were more pleasant to the eyes.

by NetGalley review

Wonderfully detailed, descriptions of poses and benefits of yoga are very clear and easy to understand. This book really took my understanding of yoga to the next level. A book for every yoga enthusiast!

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A great guide to yoga, and it does not omit the practical, such as how long can you eat before a session, as well as explaining meditation and yoga.

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Yoga, the Optimal Lifestyle is a really really well written text about yoga (in the spiritual sense). Yogini Shubh Veer is knowledgeable on the subject of Yoga as a spiritual practice and gives a well rounded approach for very complex concepts. A reader who has a established yoga practice as well as a reader who wants to explore more into the ancient practice would enjoy it.
The first part is filled with an overview of concepts and philosophy and then goes into asana (postures) with descriptions and variations.
This book is not for those whom don't associate Yoga/Asana with a spiritual practice. This talks heavy about the spiritual properties of yoga and how they can bring fulfillment to one's life.

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