Troubador Walking Towards Light

Released: 01/10/2012

ISBN: 9781780883083

Format: Paperback

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Walking Towards Light

Conversations that changed my life


“Imagine yourself sitting with a notebook and biro, scribbling down every word that you hear. You find yourself caught up in a dialogue that makes you laugh, cry, even be lost for words. These conversations, these words are very special, and I know that because they’re starting to change my life. My world expands every time we meet and talk, Sebastian and I.”

“One day he suggests the idea of a book, so that I can tell you about what I’ve discovered. I’m excited at the prospect. That’s because I want other people to know what I know. But I realise I’ll also need to show you how I sometimes sit there with Sebastian, not understanding, sometimes sceptical – resistant, even. It’s not always easy being challenged, though I’m here to find out how to open my mind to new ways. This is my story, and maybe some of the pieces are yours too. I draw on my life experiences to illustrate and describe what happened to me. I tell you about the people I’ve met and learned from.”

Walking Towards Light is a collection of short pieces which can be read both as a story about how author Jay Davies changed her life, and also as a variety of topics to return to at will. It is written in an easy and accessible style and shows the thinking processes she went through in order to make those changes. The book has a spiritual dimension, as that is part of her story, and it also includes some of her poems.

Jay has been inspired by many spiritual authors and has written Walking Towards Light for people who want to make sense of the way they live their life and potentially make changes.

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