Troubador Violets & Vines

Released: 01/02/2013

ISBN: 9781780884165

Format: Paperback

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Violets & Vines


Violets &?Vines has been written alongside Deborah’s evolving relationship with God, and a growing understanding that though the situations written about are not always considered extreme, they are more common than realised. The love she found with God through her faith was the impetus to assist her in moving forward, gaining strength, finding her self-esteem and regaining her confidence, allowing the real her to flourish from a shrinking violet into a fruitful vine.

After a 20-year marriage to an emotionally controlling man, almost all aspects of her mental identity had become suppressed as she resolved to live within herself. Being a mother had allowed her to hold on to some self-worth, but she often fell into states of depression and anxiety about the future. Then, at the age of 40, and having felt unloved, manipulated and taken for granted for many years, she learned of her husband’s infidelity with a close, family friend, and the final straw snapped. At the same time, she discovered the power in God’s love, and that He not only knew her, but He had been waiting to give her the help and strength she would need to re-discover herself.

Violet &?Vines is a step-by-step analogy of maintaining and tending a garden. Each chapter takes the reader through the differing needs to keep their life garden vibrant and colourful, and demonstrates how, although things are not always easy and take great courage, brutal decisions are sometimes essential in order to restore sanity and self-belief.

Deborah had no confidence when she walked away from her first marriage, but she believes that by adhering to regular maintenance of her life garden, she draws strength and understanding of herself, which enables her to overcome any situation that confronts her. Violets &?Vines is a self-help book that will appeal to anyone who is seeking encouragement and guidance. The maintenance process will inspire the reader, regardless of belief or openness to faith.

All monies raised from the sale of Violets &?Vines will be donated to Christians Against Poverty.

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