Troubador The Silent Partner

Released: 28/04/2017

ISBN: 9781785899058

Format: Hardback

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The Silent Partner

And Other Stories Of Truth


“This book is about laughter, sorrow, life and Spirit. But most of all, it is about courage – the courage to see where you are on the continuum of your life’s journey.”

In this intimate arrangement of emotive short stories, Juliet Castle presents provocative thoughts that challenge the reader’s perspective. Collectively, the stories reveal a deeper understanding of life initially veiled from view. Juliet’s stories portray how the mystery of life is attempting to reach you deep within. They compel the reader to wonder. What is it you are incessantly experiencing through your life’s encounters? What are the forces at work? Who is your Silent Partner? Juliet attempts to reveal the answers to these questions by encouraging the reader to step forward and to see the forces acting behind life’s play.

The Silent Partner is a creative literary work that contains many short stories with varying content, context, and style, as well as artistically drawn images. Each of the short stories is intended to lead towards a discovery and has the underlying theme of ‘the Silent Partner’ to connect the individual story to the collection as a whole.

Inspired by Shakespeare, the storybooks of Aesop’s Fables, and the Brother’s Grimm, The Silent Partner and Other Stories of Truth plays on words and uses symbolism with poetic placement and style that lends itself towards an enjoyable, yet provoking read. It could be placed alongside Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, and Paul Coelho in the category of Spirituality.

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Juliet Castle

I began writing as a young child, as a communication tool between my outer and inner worlds. My life began in grief as a toddler with family death. Wonder followed. I spent my time quietly observing life's interactions, people and nature. It was astounding to see what was truly occurring within these scenes ~ the vitality of a force that carried the essence of everything was alive and present. It communicates to all who listen to its silent call. The grief of my life circumstances progressed, endeavouring me further into seeking that silent caller. Answers to questions came; clarity, discovery, uncovering of the links between earth so low and the ether above. This is the place I write from. We are all on the journey to that uprising. I collaborate with visual artist, Jaye Gray, to facilitate the soul seeker, by creating what we term Soul Revolutionary Literature ~ artistic, poetic, and spirited work, which entices the conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind into progressive awareness. This is where truth and joy reside. I reside within nature's bliss in the height of the Rocky Mountains, Canada.

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