Troubador The Nature of Things Post Truth

Released: 28/02/2018

ISBN: 9781788039581

Format: Paperback

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The Nature of Things Post Truth


Who am I? 
What do I make of it all? 
What am I supposed to do now? 

These three linked questions are fundamental to our lives as humans. Science, religion and philosophy all have something to say about these questions, but they don’t all say the same thing. They don’t even agree about the nature of a human being. The Nature of Things Post Truth looks at each of these questions in turn and then considers the question whether the saying ‘exercise your gift for others’ might be a practical answer to the question, what am I supposed to do now? And points out how it differs from the rule of thumb 'do as you would be done by' commonly used in Christian and other circles as the basis of how we should live our lives.  

The human race lives in anxious times -- hunger and cruelty and fear always in the news, sometimes close to home. The author takes this as read and gives as a bird’s eye view: it is greed that makes the world go round. Greed and envy. It is not just the money. There are some things which are frequently thought, but never mentioned: too many people trying to live in the world; too many living too long for their own good; religions falling down on the job. 

This book is about questions which trouble humans from their early teenage years. It is about religion but it is about a great deal more than religion. It encompasses religion and philosophy, and science, especially neuroscience. It is a book for religious persons with minds ajar to the evidence that evolution actually happened, and is happening still.

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