Troubador Tessellations

Released: 28/03/2020

ISBN: 9781838592943

Format: Paperback

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Patterns of Life and Death in the Company of a Master


Tessellations : Patterns of Life and Death in the Company of a Master is an unusual and fascinating account which interweaves memoir, biography, wisdom teaching and metaphysical philosophy to present a rare illustration of how an oral tradition of Knowledge can be transmitted in modern Britain under the guidance of an extraordinary Sage. This book is the first direct and personal account of over forty years under the direction of this inspiring authentic Teacher, who insisted on obscurity while he lived. As the text reveals, life around such an individual is never dull.

Through anecdote and lively description, it embodies and brings to life some founding principles of spiritual teaching, removing some of the mystique and superstition which have encrusted traditional esoteric work. It also fills in the background to the author’s The Meditator’s Guidebook which is a classic of the meditation genre for its clear and profound approach to meditation from the same lineage of oral transmission and was originally published over 30 years ago. 

 “A captivating, affectionate, and utterly factual account of the man who is the closest thing to a Master that I have ever met.” – Richard Smoley, Author and Editor of Quest Journal 
“An invitation into thinking and feeling on a higher level, refined, real, with an internal tempo spacious and still.” – Anne Egseth, Author and Integral Coach

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