Troubador Snakes and Ladders

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789016260

Format: Paperback

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Snakes and Ladders


Does love conquer all? How far are we willing to go for the person we love? How much are we willing to sacrifice for them? Where do we draw the line? And in the end, no matter what we do, do we really have the power to change someone else’s life, even if in a small way? Is it possible to save a loved one from her demons, draw them away from a path of self-destruction? And, in the mean time, what becomes of ourselves? How far can our love and desire to help whom we love carry us through the difficulties and heartache? And we also have to face our own demons and create our life, live as best we can and deal with struggles.

Ultimately, each step we take, in whatever direction we move, in all circumstances and experiences of life, teaches us about ourselves. We grow with each hurdle. Our compassion grows with each heart break. Our sense of connection is nourished even as we lose.

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Gonca Alban

Gonca is a senior yoga teacher, somatic experiencing therapist and a published writer of three novels. Her hope is to inspire people to dig deep into who they are, what makes them shine and how to find meaning and happiness in life and to help heal old wounds.

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