Troubador Secrets of the Paradox

Released: 01/08/2013

ISBN: 9781783060269

eISBN: 9781783069286

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Secrets of the Paradox

Solving the Liar and other logical problems


Far from merely recycling what we already know about certain paradoxes, this book breaks entirely new ground by providing what everyone really wants: solutions.

The king of all paradoxes is the Liar ('This statement is false.' If it is true, it is false; if it is false, it is true), which in its earliest form is over two and a half thousand years old. Throughout all this time it has resisted every attempt to fully understand it. This work finally unlocks the secrets of the Liar, exposing principles, patterns and formulae that have long lain hidden. Several other important paradoxes also come under the logical searchlight and they too surrender their treasures.

Though paradoxes are inherently difficult, this book approaches them in a clear and entertaining manner, using plain English. Secrets of the Paradox is written for the general reader, yet is sufficiently rigorous to satisfy the demands of the professional philosopher.

If you relish an intellectual challenge, this book is for you!

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Micheal D. Winterburn

Micheal left school at the age of fifteen. Aged thirty seven he went Cardiff University, where he wrote a dissertation on a particular type of logical paradox and gained a first-class honours degree in religious studies. Afterwards, he trained to be a teacher and is currently head of religious education at a school in Derbyshire.

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