Troubador Scorpio

Released: 28/09/2018

ISBN: 9781789015331

Format: Paperback

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The Deepwater


These days you see so many books on zodiac signs being published that are not only completely boring but are also filled with stuff that is nothing more than otton candy fluff with regard to astrology. These books mostly focus on trade or the commercial value of the text rather than authenticity. 

Through Scorpio, The Deepwater, the author will mostly not distinguish between Scorpio women, men, time or birth charts. The level of intensity of the Scorpio energy varies, but he believes, in the deepest core Scorpio's are the same It's saddening to know that people (spiritual people too) will still separate men and women. Dear Scorpio, your soul does understand time and is not defined by time or by gender. Therefore, Sami does not accept the idea that different genders express different aspects of their signs and as he believes Scorpios do not deny their nature, all is brought here, regardless to what each Scorpio identify as. After all the stars care nothing for human ideas of gender.

He wants only to capture the real essence and reinforced of people own knowledge of the sign. It’s an aware step made to the larger audience to understand how deep and passionate scorpions are into every thing that they lay their hands upon. 
Sami is bringing the general description about Scorpio alike in manner within or wherever their sun is sitting in their chart. I do not support labels or useless terms. Women and men are equal; for both he is writing with love and as humans, not as labels; gender, age, race etc. Women and mean are not different. If we want to move on, develop, evolve we need to recognize that love transcends physicality as well.

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