Troubador On a Road, On a Journey

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789015225

Format: Hardback

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On a Road, On a Journey

The Road and the Journey as Symbols - A Photo Essay


In his latest book of photography Benjamin Hargreaves brings us a celebration of travel with images taken during his journeys through the United Kingdom, Europe, India, Australia, the USA, Cuba and elsewhere. The book uses images of roads, tracks and waterways to evoke both a literal journey and a metaphorical sense of life as a journey.

On a Road, On a Journey transports readers through 45 photographs to other worlds such as by a red road in Australia, on a ferry in Bohemia, crossing the Splugen Pass into Italy on foot or on a rough track in Ladakh. The book highlights how images of roads have meaning for us and how this is part of the attraction of such images. 

Within the book, Benjamin also includes an introduction highlighting the importance of roads and journeys in mythology, poetry, song and literature. He explores how these ideas have become important symbols in the way we think. Readers may just want to go travelling, and feast their eyes, or they may be prompted to think about life’s journey.

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