Troubador Love, Loss, Life...

Released: 28/09/2016

ISBN: 9781785893421

Format: Paperback

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Love, Loss, Life...


The plains stretch out, endless, distant and unknown for those who live constrained by the limitations of nature’s hardships and by their poverty. Cara’s village is poor, inhabited by those left bitter, unhappy and resigned to the hardships of life and its bleak monotony. They live in constant fear for their lives. Their minds and hearts are closed, their experience of the world is muted and dull, lacking in enjoyment, excitement and feeling.The riders come every year destruction, taking young women for their slaves and small boys to train and make their own. The villagers fear the riders and live lives darkened under their constant threat. Only Cara takes a different view of them. She rebels inwardly against her folk and their way of life. The riders’ wild ways and free nature hold a sense of magic for her, an invitation to experience the unknown, to feel and live fully. When her turn to be taken comes, she is not afraid. She is excited and her unique character wraps her up in isolation.With her slavery, a new life begins for Cara. One that brings her a deep powerful love, a freedom of being herself truly and fully, a time of learning from the wise and experienced, a sense of belonging somewhere, having a home and the beginning of inner growth and understanding. She experiences the joys of love and tastes the bitterness of loss. She roams the dessert, hungry, thirsty and fighting to survive, searching for answers. She enters the ocean and lands hidden by mist, learning every day a little more about herself, her dreams and fears. With the help of those she meets along her journey and the guidance she finds in nature and in her dreams, she eventually reaches a place of peace. Cara is a lively young woman full of excited interest for life. She learns to survive, to forgive, to love with all her heart and to let go. She gets to know her own true nature and learns to accept her passions, desires, fears and resentments, finding within herself a place of peace and a source of happiness. Love, Loss, Life takes the reader through Cara’s journey through love, loss, desert and ocean, making the reader part if her dreams, hopes, fears and through understanding them, her personal growth and journey towards light, forgiveness and happiness.

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Gonca Alban

Gonca is a senior yoga teacher, somatic experiencing therapist and a published writer of three novels. Her hope is to inspire people to dig deep into who they are, what makes them shine and how to find meaning and happiness in life and to help heal old wounds.

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