Troubador Living Silence

Released: 01/12/2013

ISBN: 9781783062720

Format: Paperback

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Living Silence

Tuning in and Practising


This is a book on the practice of silent meditation and its transforming power. The brief poetic texts are thematically grouped to address the various aspects of the meditation practice, such as the nature of silence, the importance of the present moment, obstacles the practitioner may encounter, and the integration into our everyday lives of the new insights the practice can give us.

Silent meditation is the practice of letting go and allowing the silence to be heard and take hold. The reader catches glimpses of how practitioners of silent meditation become aware, little by little, of 'feeling connected with everything in a unique way', of being at one with all, and finding their lives gradually transformed.

Silvia Ostertag’s texts are based on talks she gave to the hundreds of students who 'sat' with her. Sometimes humorous, sometimes sharply critical, through each one we feel her hope that we reach an awareness of the pure silence and the deep sense of oneness that is present in every human being who becomes conscious that the 'here' and 'now' – this very moment, this very place – is all that there is.

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