Troubador Letters From Home

Released: 28/11/2015

ISBN: 9781784623944

Format: Paperback

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Letters From Home

Communications From the Spirit World, A Healing Course


Letters from Home is an interesting collection of stories from the spirit world, each one individually communicated to a clairaudient medium and a fascinating glimpse into life after death. In this book, the communicators – including Astronauts, T. E. Lawrence, Wallis Simpson, and many others – have given a medium their moving and thought-provoking stories from beyond the grave, which are brought together in this collection to give closure to the communicators, and, for the readers to be an interested part of the process. Letters From Home will open you to a new world, and to a new way of viewing the stories of those around us. An enthralling read that will appeal to both believers and sceptics alike. It features narratives channelled by those that have gone before, and its message is one of therapeutic healing and well-being.

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