Troubador Learn to Relax and Understand Stress

Released: 28/04/2012

ISBN: 9781848767805

Format: Paperback

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Learn to Relax and Understand Stress


The book is written in a straightforward, informal and non-technical way, aimed at the general reader who wants to know more about this increasingly important and influential subject. To be used as a blueprint, it explains and gives understanding and insight into how stress effects, and affects, EVERY facet of our life. The book aims to ask and answer five fundamental questions:

What is stress?
Who suffers from it?
Why do we have it?
Where does it effect us?
How can we control it?

By reducing stress to its basics; by understanding what brings on stress; how the mind and body works and by learning a few simple facts, then EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING going on in the world today WILL make sense. The book also touches on other pertinent subjects such as depression, anger management and drug abuse – both legal and illegal. Only through understanding stress can real and credible solutions be put into place. Fans of popular psychology will enjoy Learn to Relax and Understand Stress – and it is a must-read for those who find themselves stressed.

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