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Released: 28/02/2017

ISBN: 9781785899065

Format: Paperback

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Journey To The Golden City

Finding The Way Home


Journey to the Golden City: Finding the Way Home is a pilgrimage, the destination is the heart. Following a life-changing experience Vicki Burke shares her quest to discover the connection between all things. She unearths a map which shows how the year’s seasonal journey offers a mirror to the relationship we each have with our life experiences, our spiritual path and astrology. These insights offer keys to many doors, all of which will lead us back to the one door that takes us home. Combining ancient ways and wisdom with her personal understanding of the world, Vicki Burke weaves her ideas around twelve archetypal stories, taking the reader on an uplifting, autobiographical journey filled with wonder and synchronicity. Believing that synchronicity can bring back meaning and direction into our lives, Vicki explores the idea that if we are receptive to the magic, we can begin to discover our own personal story and true purpose. The holistic approach of Journey to the Golden City will appeal to readers who are looking to be inspired by books from the Mind, Body, Spirit genre and are wishing to embark on a journey of self-awareness and inner contentment. Offering some key philosophical ideas, as well as personal stories from Vicki’s own experiences, this book demonstrates how extraordinary things can happen to ordinary people. This book is accompanied by a CD download, Keys to the Golden City: A Musical Journey around the Cosmos, which follows the same format as the book: a twelve step performance which reveals the many gifts available to us as we travel through the seasonal, astrological cycle with a song for each stage.

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5.0 out of 5 stars
spinning a new world from dreams
ByMr. A. Stouton 12 September 2017
Format: Paperback
A clear account of a personal but universal quest, by a talented musician and a compelling writer. In a moment of revelation, Vicki Burke realised that the stories she'd been gathering along the road were 'everyman tales of self discovery'; this book is intended for others who find themselves walking along the paths. Her journey so far takes in writers such as Paulo Coelho and A T Mann, and the alchemical astrology of John Wadsworth, among many others, and is set against a background of lived experience, coincidence and the insights that come when you're at one with the magical universe.

5.0 out of 5 stars
An unexpected surprise.
ByAnnaon 13 August 2017
Format: Paperback
This book took me by surprise as, quite unexpectedly, it affected me deeply. I had bought it with the idea of giving it to friends as I am a sceptic when it comes to things “spiritual” or supernatural. (Having been brought up in a staunchly atheistic home - my father even wrote and had published a book about his rejection of religion and anything that could not be proved scientifically - I find it hard to shift from this viewpoint.)

What I love about the book is the gentleness of the author’s personality that radiates through it. She doesn’t preach and she is accepting of other people’s beliefs and their need to question. She writes with refreshing honesty and lack of pretentiousness and she has a straightforward, easy-to-read style of writing, which I value. I especially like the way she acknowledges the scientific community and welcomes the merging of science and spiritual belief, which I agree, is something that seems to be happening (with the search for a “theory of everything” and recent developments in particle physics). One day, I am sure we will all understand ourselves and our relationship with the cosmos much better.

What surprised me most about reading this book is that I felt the evidence of the author’s claim to have healing abilities. I actually felt an emotional and physical warmth while reading certain pages. I was feeling quite low at the time and her words were a comfort in a way I hadn’t expected and very much appreciated.

As someone who is still on a search for inner peace, harmony and fulfilment (it’s eluded me so far) I found this book very encouraging. With a link to some beautiful music to download (the multi-talented author sings songs she has written and performs along with her own harp-playing accompaniment) this book is very good value and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

5.0 out of 5 stars
"An inspired memoir offering tools to us all to clear the blocks which prevent us living our truth"
ByHilary E Franklinon 2 September 2017
Format: Paperback
What an inspiration Vicki is as she shares with us her personal healing journey via both the written and the sung/spoken word. To purchase the combined book and CD - Journey and Keys to the Golden City is a must. Through her voice and sound, Vicki has discovered her truest aspect of herself. Her heart songs, combined with harp are uplifting and deeply moving. She shows the reader just how our emotions can affect our physical condition. She demonsrates through the power of sound that we can shift the blocks in our lives which prevent us from finding our truth, freedom and creativity.

As human beings we are constantly moving through cycles of our lives. Vicki's understanding of the astrological year so well reflects its seasons. Through an awareness of these seasons with all of their colours and sounds we can see how to best manage our own lives. This book is a clear demonstration of how science and spirit combines within the power of sound and music, to not only uplift the spirit, but to open our hearts and souls to our own inner wisdom and truth.

5.0 out of 5 stars
A thought provoking and uplifting book.
BySue Parsonson 28 August 2017
Format: Paperback
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Vicki's book Journey to the Golden City Finding the Way Home
It is a beautiful mix of personal stories and how our journey through life is potentially influenced by the mysteries of the deeper cycles at play.
I found it both thought provoking and uplifting in equal measures.
I would thoroughly recommend reading the book alongside listening to the stunning CD's. Hearing the lyrics sung and then also reading the printed lyrics in the book with stories of the lived experiences that inspired them felt a very full experience.
I can't wait for Vicki to publish her next book!

This book comes with a music CD Download of Vicki Burke's journey called Keys to the Golden City: a Musical Journey around the Cosmos which includes 12 beautiful tracks from the her repertoire of songs for harp and voice.

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Journey to the Golden City is a powerful personal story of one person's lived experience of discovery of the both deeper and transcendent levels of life. With an openness, oftentimes an appropriate scepticism, and a blossoming intuitive intelligence, Vicki proceeds on her journey one step - sometimes many - at a time and connects consistently and evermore deeply with her special talent and purpose as a musician and as “the healer" as musician. On her way she is discovering the universal truths embedded in the astrological paradigm, as they relate to, enhance and enlighten her own individual life and she recounts her experience with an infectious warmth and enthusiasm for the healing power of connecting with deeper understanding.

Suzi Harvey is co-author with the late Charles Harvey of "Sun Sign, Moon Sign" and "The Principles of Astrology.” She has for many years worked as an astrological consultant, and more recently and now works as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

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Vicki Burke

Vicki Burke was born in Bristol, England and has recently moved to Frome. Her life as a saxophonist and music teacher began to expand as she found a new path to walk as a healer in the millennium. Having added harpist, singer/songwriter, author and playwright to her skills she has arrived at the conclusion that these become ever increasingly irrelevant titles as they are just some of the many games that we all can play as we grow and become whole. This book is about her journey here.

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