Troubador Fragrance of Freedom

Released: 28/09/2019

ISBN: 9781788039420

Format: Hardback

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Fragrance of Freedom

Discovering Peace Through Mothering


Fragrance of Freedom celebrates Heena Vasani’s remarkable East-West journey. It is the tender story of her determination to forgive, to heal, to overcome and to transform the shadow and pain of a deep ancestral wound into compassionate teachings for conscious parenting.

Drawing from her direct experience of motherhood, Heena’s unique style and visual content portrays her radiant teachings. With simple yet penetrating dialogue Heena offers a transparent inquiry into the nature of true motherhood and returns readers to the essence of Life itself. This book is also illustrated throughout with paintings created by her two children, Jamie and Sienna, and this adds a meditative, transcendent quality, and a beauty and depth which shine through beyond the words.

Fragrance of Freedom is the result of an extraordinary inner journey and the transformation of personal suffering into the flower of spiritual awareness. It is a prayer and a mother’s call to action on behalf of children everywhere.   Inspired by the poetry of Rumi and the teachings of A Course in Miracles, the simple poetic dialogue combines with the purity of the paintings to subtly capture the essence of our true, silent nature. This book speaks directly to that silence which is within us all, and offers the reader a sense of homecoming – a true fragrance of freedom.

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